Compassion: Matthew 9v35-10v42

Jesus’ compassionate love is the motivation for participation in Jesus’ kingdom mission.

“Because Jesus suffers with people he forms a mission to them. Mission is not motivated by Jesus’ disgust for people because they are such sinners, nor even by an imperial sense that he has a right to people (which, properly understood, he has). Mission is motivated by the more appealing fact of Jesus’ compassion for people. Mission in Matthew’s Gospel, therefore, is not first of all an enterprise by which missionaries go out and censoriously shape up the world. Mission is first a task in which disciples go out and compassionately help people out—by bringing and representing the Good News. When sin is stressed inordinately as a source of mission, compassion is smothered rather than stoked. When Jesus looks out over the world, it is first of all people’s helplessness that he sees; it is their depression, oppression, and suppression that affects him most.” - Dale Bruner, The Christbook Part 1