When Gloomy Doubts Prevail: Matthew 11v1-15

In Matthew 11, John the Baptizer, the forerunner of Jesus and the one who declared Jesus to be the Lamb of God begins to doubt Jesus’ identity as the Messiah. Why does John doubt? Is doubt a good thing or something that we should stay away from? How should followers of Jesus think about and process doubt?


“We must learn the language of lament so we can give voice to our faith when praise just won’t do. We must speak to God even when we don’t have anything nice to say. We must keep the conversation going.” - Austin Fisher, Faith in the Shadows: Finding Christ in the Midst of Doubt.

“We are permitted to struggle and wander in our faith so long as it happened decades ago. But if it happened just three short years ago, or last year, or last week, well, that’s just inappropriate. We’ve created a church culture where we are permitted to struggle and wander in the far distant past but not in the dangerous present. It’s our statute of limitations on wandering: it’s acceptable as long as it happened a long time ago. Why? Because we are addicted to certainty not faith.” - AJ Swoboda, The Dusty Ones