When God Loves Your Enemy: Jonah 4

As the book of Jonah ends, we find Jonah in a state of complete nonsense. God has just allowed him to participate in an amazing revival of seeing Ninevah repent and turn to God. But Jonah is full of disgust and hate. He can't seem to get why God would be this gracious and merciful. What this comes down to is that Jonah is totally ok with God's love and grace when it is for him and his tribe, but when God's grace and love are shown and given to "that group" and Jonah's enemy, Jonah has a real problem. He complains and moans and would rather die than actually see God's grace and love reach Nineveh. As the chapter closes, we are then left wondering - what actually happened with Jonah? What does he end up thinking? 

At the same time, the more important question might be, how do we respond as God's people to God's love, even when that love is shown to our enemy? How do we begin to show love even to our enemy? Jesus invites us into a whole new way of being human and empowers us to begin to love even our enemy, just as Jesus did in his sacrificial death on the cross.