A Severe Grace: Jonah 2

The story of Jonah makes for one the most familiar stories from the Scriptures. In this teaching, we look at probably the most familiar part of the story - Jonah inside the belly of the fish. This is a strange story. What in the world does a story about an ancient Hebrew prophet have to do with our lives today? How does this story speak a divine word to us today as followers of King Jesus? Before we tackle these questions, the first part of the teaching looks at how an ancient Israelite would have read and viewed this story. In order to be a responsible student of the Scriptures its important to allow the Scriptures to dictate the context and meaning of any given passage. Based on the context of ancient Israel and the storyline up to this point in the Hebrew Bible, we attempt to view the story of Jonah from an ancient Israelite perspective before applying it to our day.

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