Running Asleep, Yet Pursued: Jonah 1

When you think of the book of Jonah, what is the first image that comes to your mind?

Probably a large fish and perhaps a talking cucumber. Now the fish appears in just a few lines in this story and thus, is clearly not the main thing the author wants us to think about when we consider the book of Jonah. Instead, the book of Jonah is like a punch in the gut, exposing some of the worst tendencies that arise in God's people, yet at the same time revealing the wonderful grace and mercy of our God.

Although the book of Jonah makes for a great children's story, you have to be an adult to fully understand and appreciate the literary genius, irony, satire, and honesty of this book. As we begin this four-part series through this short book, hang on. Jonah 1 is an honest look at who we are and at the same time a beautiful reminder of how merciful and loving our God is.

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