REFUGE Salinas: Jonah 1 - You Can't Outrun God's Grace

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This sermon was originally given on Sunday, July 23 at REFUGE Salinas. REFUGE is Calvary Monterey's first church plant that was started a few years ago by Pastor Matt Gersonde.

Jonah is not about a fish. Jonah is a subversive and honest look at the human condition and exposes our pride, racism, and hypocrisy. At the same time, this book reveals God's relentless grace toward his own people and to those who do not yet know him. 

In Jonah 1, we see the foolishness of Jonah and the havoc his decisions create in his own life and in the lives of others. Jonah runs from God, is apathetic to sin and is hypocritical. These three things are all tendencies we are prone to. Yet despite these flaws, God relentlessly pursues in grace and love.