CORE VALUES: Love and Serve the World Instead of Standing in Condemnation of it.

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One of the most controversial aspects of Jesus’ ministry was his willingness to share meals with outcasts, sinners, and the marginalized.  Sharing a meal with someone in Jesus’ day was considered a form of acceptance and social approval. Jesus, the full and final revelation of what God is like, pursued with grace and spoke the truth in the context of relationship, not distant judgmentalism. This was called table fellowship, and used by Jesus to manifest the open and expansive nature of his movement. So, we see the church as not a refuge from the world, but rather as an expression of God’s commitment to show outrageous love and lavish grace to those who feel far away from him. The orientation of the church is outward towards the world, not inward, towards itself, thinking that we are holier or better. We refuse to stuff our calendars full of church activity, so that we may continue to be good neighbors, co-workers, and friends. We want to gather on Sundays to reorient our lives around Jesus and His Scriptures to learn and live the message of Jesus in our culture and world.

So as we follow Jesus in this world, what does it mean, and what can it look like to love and serve the people in this world that God loves? We discuss this and more in this episode.

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