Advent: A Tale of Two Kings: Part 1 - Matthew 2v1-12

This is part one of a two part teaching entitled A Tale of Two Kings. 

Matthew 2 continues that early life of Jesus. After Jesus is born, magi from the east come to worship and offer gifts to King Jesus. Although this gets a lot of the attention on our Christmas cards and in our Christmas plays, Matthew has more in mind. Matthew chapter 2 is a prophetic word for our cultural moment.

In this chapter, Matthew presents two kingdoms. 

One is the true king. Born a lowborn humble king in an obscure village in the Roman empire to no-name teenage parents.

The other is an imposter. A fake. An insecure leader. Herod leads from a place of insecurity, uses religious leaders to serve his purposes,  and even pretends to be religious for his own political gain. This happens even today. But when the Herods of this world, lead from a place of fear and insecurity, use religious leaders to serve their own purposes, and even pretend to be religious for their own gain, followers of Jesus must go in the language of Matthew 2v12, "another way," the Way of Jesus.

"The Way of Jesus is the way of downward mobility, the descending way of Jesus. It is the way toward the poor, the suffering, the marginal, the prisoners, the refugees, the lonely, the hungry, the dying, the tortured, the homeless - toward all who ask for compassion."  - Henri Nouwen

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