Why Plant a Church? Why Seaside?


I am convinced that the Monterey Peninsula could use like 30 more church plants. Even if every seat in every church on the Monterey Peninsula was filled each Sunday, only a fraction of the population would be hearing the message of Jesus. 

American 18-35 year-olds (millennials) see things differently, share different values, and are asking new kinds of questions than their (Christian or not) counterparts from previous generations. But the human need for the Gospel of Jesus remains the same across all age, culture, class, and color categories. Thankfully, the gospel never needs to change. But the *method* and *means* of Gospel work *must* change in order to meet the unique needs of a given context.

Church planting is both new and ancient. The vision is as old as the Church itself. However, 4,000 American churches close down each year while only 1,000 start up. Since Acts 2, the kingdom grows primarily through churches being planted. So we will plant one. Or two. Or seven.

So, why Seaside, California?

Its a question that is hard to answer because the move is really a move of faith. We came here not because of a guarantee or years of market analysis or because its prime for a new church plant. We came because God spoke and we respond as best we can in faith. Here’s a few of the ways we sensed God’s call here.

- It seems good to the Holy Spirit and to us.

- Our family's growing love and burden for the city of Seaside.

- God's miraculous provision of a job and house in Seaside.

- Growing relationships with our neighborhood in Seaside.

- Affirmation and support from the leadership of our sending church, Calvary Monterey.

So, why Seaside? Ultimately because Jesus said and as best we can tell that is where the Holy Spirit is leading us. We trust He is a good leader.

For more information on why church planting is good and needed even in an area that has many great churches, read Tim Keller's research paper on church planting HERE.