Prayer. In Seaside as it is in Heaven.

Starting today, (August 16), we will be meeting on a weekly basis as we prepare to start Sunday gatherings for Jesus Center Church. At each meeting we will have a meal together, talk a little bit about the church and spend time praying together. As we close our meetings, we will partake of the bread and the cup to remind ourselves of why we are doing what we are doing.

When Jesus' people come to share a meal together and pray, Kingdom things happen. When Jesus was traveling around the Galilee two thousand years ago, he was constantly eating with the most unlikely of people, sharing life together and proclaiming the good news of God's in-breaking kingdom. As much as possible, we want to model doing Jesus' work, Jesus' way.

So we eat and pray. We eat and build relationships and friendships realizing that none of us are worthy, but all are welcome. We pray for God's will to be done in Seaside as it is in heaven. 

When Jesus is at the center and His good news of the kingdom is being lived out, love and blessing take place in a variety of ways.

  • Meals are eaten with those who would otherwise never eat together.
  • Broken relationships are restored
  • The poor are cared for
  • The refugee find a home
  • The marginalized are welcomed.
  • The city is blessed.
  • Families and marriages are healthier
  • Racial tension is healed
  • Jesus is seen and worshiped for who He truly is

Jesus' posture to the world is to invite all to turn from their version of the good life and to begin to practice and live out this new way of being human.

So join us! Each Wednesday at 6 pm, we will eat, pray and seek to live out Jesus' message of good news in our community.