Recommended Podcasts - August 2018

As disciples of Jesus, it is a privilege to continue to learn and grow as we seek to become more like Jesus. Below are a few helpful and thought-provoking podcasts that really inspire one to love Jesus more. 

Community as a Team Sport


Genesis Collective is a new church down in Costa Mesa, California, that is really tapping into something beautiful as far as how to "do" church. In their latest teaching, "Community as a Team Sport," they talk about the importance of community and how isolated Christianity is heresy.  God sets the lonely in families, not Sunday services (Psalm 68).

Radically Ordinary Hospitality


We've referenced Rosaria Butterfield a couple of times over the past few weeks in light of Jesus' eating and drinking with people far from God. Have a listen to this talk that Rosaria gave on this subject. It bleeds Jesus. 

What Are We Talk About When We Talk About God?


The Bible Project's recent podcast series on the subject of God is a mind-blower. 
Did you know that God is the "God of gods?" (Deut 10v17). So are there other gods out there? Is the "let us make," in Genesis 1 a reference to the Trinity or something else? Personally, these podcasts inspire me to love Jesus more as I study the Bible.