Lord, Teach us to Plant a Church.

Lord, teach us to plant a church.

While I think this is a great request, there is one that is more important.

Lord, teach us to pray.

As you read through the four biographical accounts of Jesus, the only request from the 12 disciples to Jesus to learn something comes in Luke 11v1. Jesus’ disciples come to him and say, “Lord, teach us to pray.”

Out of all the things that Jesus did throughout his earthly ministry, prayer seemed to be the one thing that the disciples wanted to learn how to do.

They didn’t ask him to teach them how to walk on water.

Or how to get coins out of fish.

Or how to multiply bread.

Or raise people from the dead.

I know if it were me, those are some of the things I’d be asking how to do. All those things are great and wonderful, but the disciples were on to something.

Jesus lived an extraordinary life. How? By dependence on the Spirit and prayer.

Obviously, we won’t live perfect lives like Jesus, but the source of our lives can and should be dependent prayer with our loving God.

As we start Jesus Center Church, we want to be a community that first and foremost is a community that prays. While Jesus will lead and guide us in planting this church, the priority is becoming and living as a community of prayer.

So we invite you to pray with us and for us.

Tuesday, July 25th at 6 pm is our first prayer meeting. August 8th will be our second meeting. After that, we will meet weekly to eat and pray together as we get ready to start Jesus Center Church. We know we can’t do this apart from the blessing, power and leading of Jesus. We know we have to be a church that prays.

** email aaron@jesuscenter.church or leave a comment below if you are interested in coming to a prayer meeting. All are welcome.